ID : SA-1447

LE Apartment Serviced Apartment, studio, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Type : Serviced Apartment
Location : Hai Ba Trung Dist
Price/m2 : 1100~1500 USD/m2
Size : 23~30 m2
Bed : 1 
WC : 1 
Services :
24 hour security
Facilities :
Home appliance
Cable TV
Included :
Management fee
Cable TV
Room Cleaning

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A new apartment has opened in front of a large park near Hanoi Railway Station in Hai Ba Trung District.

It was built as an advisor by a person who has lived in Japan for many years, so you can feel the Japanese taste everywhere.

A tea ceremony room, which is rare in Hanoi, is set up on the second floor of the building so that residents can enjoy it and are considering a tea ceremony class in the future.

There is a cafe named Baumkuchen on the 1st floor, and as the name suggests, it is a cafe that sells Baumkuchen.

The room is a studio type only for singles, but the entire surface is bright with windows and does not feel narrow.

Depending on the room, a small veranda also gives a feeling of openness.

The view is as green as you can see and overlooks the park.

We are particular about installing home appliances made in Japan and using wallpaper from a certain famous manufacturer.

It is equipped with a bathtub and a washlet, which are rare in the studio type.

There is also a washer / dryer in the room, which will satisfy single women.

You can walk to the streets where Japanese restaurants are lined up, and you can walk to Japanese supermarkets.

The rooftop space dedicated to residents is also a cozy space with a very nice view.