ID : SA-1345

Lotus Building Serviced Apartment, Studio,Cau Giay Dist,Hanoi,Vietnam

Type : Serviced Apartment
Location : Cau Giay Dist
Price/m2 : 480 USD/m2
Size : 48 m2
Bed : 1 
WC : 1 
Services :
24 hour security
Facilities :
Home appliance
Cable TV
Included :
Management fee
Cable TV
Room Cleaning
Real estate and rental property information in Hanoi, Vietnam-Please leave us service apartment and apartment rental in Hanoi! We will guide you through Hanoi real estate with no brokerage fee.comment:There are many Japanese companies in Cau Giay district where many offices are gathered.Here are some serviced apartments where you can live comfortably in Cau Giay district.This is a studio-type room, so-called Japan.We are together. However, it is not as narrow as a Japanese studio.Rent is quite low because it is a studio type studio, but there is a bathtubI don’t think there are many apartments that have a lot of facilities, such as a washlet and a room with a washer / dryer.You can drive to the Japanese town by car, but access to the airport and industrial park is very convenient.

Near the apartment, there are more Japanese restaurants and famous coffee shops.

It is a recommended property for single people who don’t care much about the space, and say that they have enough facilities.